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         "LIFE, LOVE,  ART IN THE FRENCH QUARTER" Memoir written by Rolland Golden, 2014

ROLLAND GOLDEN: JOURNEYS OF A SOUTHERN ARTIST - Text by John Kemp - Paintings & Lithographs by Rolland Golden, 2005

KATRINA - Days of Terror, Months of Anguish - Paintings by: Rolland Golden - Written by John R. Kemp  2007

ALONG THE BANQUETTE: Text by Edith Long; Illustrations by Rolland Golden 2004

THE WORLD OF ROLLAND GOLDEN by Don Lee Keith 1970                                                                                                                               

 BEST OF WATERCOLOR III by Rockport Publishing Company 1999    

BEST OF ACRYLIC by Rockport Publishing Company 1996

BEST OF OIL by Rockport Publishing Company 1996

ART IN THE AMERICAN SOUTH - Works from the Roger Ogden Collection by Randolph Delehanty1996

WATER MEDIA PROCESSES & POSSIBILITIES by Stephen Quiller & Barbara Whipple 1986

SPLASH-I , AMERICA'S LEADING WATERCOLORS by Greg Albert & Rachel Wolfe, 1991


EXPLORING PAINTING by Gerald Brommer and Nancy Kinne,1988

TRANSPARENT WATERCOLOR: IDEAS & TECHNIQUES by Stephen Quiller and Barbara Whippel, 1993

DEVELOPING IDEAS IN ART WORK by M. Stephen Doherty,1989

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